Don't make any calls.

I know Beverly lied.

Let me go free, and I'll show myself grateful.

What is good to do cannot be done too soon.

Father would often read detective stories in his spare time.

His car collided with a train.

Ronni leaned back in his chair.

I failed chemistry.

There are a lot of places to visit in Boston.


I am sorry if I am bothering you.


She was singing a song.

That mountain is covered in snow all year round.

When the milk turns sour, I'm not the kind of pussy to drink it.


I think Malus is right.

It looks like it'll rain today, too.

Len has lost some weight.

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Some women look more masculine than feminine.

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Naim can't keep up with Vernon.

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Let me tell you something you need to know.


It's easier than you think.


No matter what he plays on the screen, Lanny looks great.

I can't tell my family.

You're going to win today.

Help Joubert out.

Ronni really enjoyed his meal.

Carisa didn't want to ask for help.

We'll give it a shot.


Tovah was behaving like a spoiled brat.


What is Assembla?

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Does your arm hurt?

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I sometimes look back on my childhood.


We are going to watch a film this evening.

I'd like some cheese.

She called the kitten "Jaguar".


Hey, don't give up! You can do it!


I know where you were yesterday evening.

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Single people are the ones that always find out where the emergency exit is right away.

In his lengthy career, he had never seen the market so high.

Why is everyone looking at us?

Heinz weighs 130 pounds.

I could kill you myself.

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Jacobson has a crush on Suresh and she wants him to notice her.

I've still got some time.

Don't blame her.

Call Douglas now.

He descended to stealing.

Who's the party for?

We're not going to help Tahsin.

Lee can understand Swahili.

I raised my hand to ask a question.

I'll always have time for you.

You just rest.

Do you still keep in touch with him?

Fred wrote his mother a long letter.


The sirens went off.


I wish you had let Louise finish his story.


He closed the shop.

Can you cook?

I just really need some time alone.

I heard something.

She was bereft of all hope.

You don't have to be crazy to work here.

How is Lanzarote?

There are people whose only purpose is to be as annoying as possible.

In 2000 Japan's health care system was the best in the world, but since clinical internship was introduced in 2003 it has clearly deteriorated.

Surya parked in one of the empty spaces in front of the library.

My French is terrible.

Two men are trying to get a handle on what's wrong with the car.

There's no need to advertise a good sake.

Honesty is a beggar on crutches; roguery is a princess with a crown.

Elsa used to get up before 6:30.

She has no qualms about being violent towards her children.

Augustus is my most beloved son.

I thought Dan would at least understand the situation.

What an ugly cat.

Are you studying?

She can get the second prize at worst.

Maybe something's changed.

Praising children is an important thing.

I find it all very aback-taking. Yes.

I still can't get my head around what genius thought this was a good idea.

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I've never even been to Boston.

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Keep in touch with what is happening in foreign countries.


Judy is quite a dancer.

This didn't have to happen.

It was the window that Jack broke yesterday.

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Gretchen is quite tall.

She looks older, of course, but none the worse for wear.

Two shirts and suits, please. There's a stain here.

I saw his face in the dim light.

We are in the black this month.

He doesn't run.

The educational innovations of next half-century are being shaped right now.


She has forgiven him for everything.


Kathryn made me hurry.


Doctors have discovered some startling facts.

Do you remember his name?

"Oh Clarence, you big, strong man! Come here and kiss me!" "I'm sorry! I'm married!"


When can you come over to my house?

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She was so kind as to take me to the hospital.

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We're meant for each other.


Sometimes the only way out is 'through'.

You must not rely on his word.

She'll certainly get along well with my grandmother.

You're being very unfair to me.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Try not to anger him.

I thought we'd be home by now.


She showed me the snaps which she had taken during her journey.

Do you have proof that God exists?

You should know better now you are eighteen.

He works at a scientific institute where linguists, literature scholars, historians, sociologists, economists, and other scholars investigate everything that has to do with gnomes.

Don't worry about what I did.

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She kept the secret to herself.


Show me again.

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Kenn has been talking to Pontus about me.

Is it convenient for you if I come at 6 p.m.?

What is plausible in a certain culture may not be plausible in another culture.

I have to find a way to make a lot of money.

Ric lost the bet.

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I don't like queuing.

Ken's father loved Ken all the more because he was his only son.

Curious, did I honestly think that I could get away with it?

What's he doing over there?

After Willie ate a little food, his strength returned.

I wish you'd told me what to expect.

How many men are guarding them?


He stuck the broken pieces together.

All those suggestions were dismissed as hooey.

They gave me a piece of advice.

When can I see you?

In hotels, it's customary to install wall-to-wall carpeting.

Work slowly, and you won't make mistakes.

Do you doubt me?

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In addition to the general curriculum there are tutorials in the essentials of machinery, training is also carried out for skills in and learning how to use the various types of machinery.

I don't want you to be angry.

Steen said he wanted a picture of me.

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Can you stay till 2:30?

Why didn't you inform me?

Alain believes she has special powers.

I gave Dory no choice.

Please classify these books by subject.

I saw him crying.

Laurie asked Thad for some advice.

My hobby is stamp collecting.

Is Kay your brother?


Excuse me. Is this the pharmacy?

Toft promised to be here by 2:30.

That was the easy part.


Sorry, I'm 30 minutes late because I overslept.

Samuel appears OK.


This book deals with facts.

My watch has stopped working.

Amnesia means "loss of memory".

I told Frederic you already knew Lui.

Nobody laughed.

You must not let any of it remain until the morning.